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We at HostRomeo deploy CiscoTM 6500 and 3750X switches throughout the data center. Each one of our network ports has multiple 10G connectivity while every bracket is concluded with 40G, comprising two 10G connections for the public internet and two 10G connections to our private grid.

  • Bandwidth

    We can give you the advantage of metered and unmetered Multiple Public Grid Bandwidth options, which are obtainable with every server. We also allow custom configurations to outfit specific server necessities.

  • Port Speed

    HostRomeo’s Public and Private Grid Port speed for every server is 100Mbps, yet for servers that seek high bandwidth or private grid deployment we can supply speeds up to 10Gbps.

  • Global Load Balancing

    HostRomeo provides geography based weighted round-robin and failover load harmonizing across all of our amenities. By utilizing the Anycast DNS system, our Global Load balancer is sufficiently proficient in providing highly redundant DNS resolutions to customers and altogether directing them to the finest datacenter sites relative to their location.

    This can also be triggered and aligned in real-time by assimilating and dissimilating the servers from the balancing pool, with as much uptime possible.

  • Local Load Balancing

    HostRomeo operates the field’s typical modus operandi, which comprises Lowest Latency, Round Robin, Shortest Response and IP persistence to equilibrium traffic among many servers rapidly. These can be configured and activated in real-time with no downtime, possibly with the assimilation and dissimilation of servers from the balancing pool. In addition, Local Load Balancing with its Secure Socket Layer (SSL) discharging modernizes performance, mends scalability and manageability and confines your requirement in terms of SSL Certificates by meting out and firmly decrypting the inward commuter traffic at the load balancer as an alternative for each distinct server.

  • Citrix Netscaler

    HostRomeo utilizes Citrix Netscaler, which makes applications perform several times better and also ensures application accessibility and fortification, significantly dropping operational expenses. Simply choose the Grade-A Citrix NetScaler version that suits your application necessities and deploy it at exact dedicated point for your performance prerequisites.

  • Virtual Racks

    HostRomeo’s exceptional datacenter and network structural design allows enterprises to feasibly bond materially detached servers, even among our geologically diverse datacenters, into virtual racks for elevated and cohesive performance and supervision!

  • IPv4 Addresses

    One primary IPv4 address is provided with every dedicated server from HostRomeo, while additional IPv4 addresses are obtainable in extentions of 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16 or 32. A justification is required when more servers are required as only a limited number of IPv4 addresses are available. With a limit of five per customer, global IPv4 addresses are obtainable as single /32 addresses.

  • IPv6 Addresses

    Every dedicated server provided by HostRomeo can also contain IPv6 addresses, but this is optional. Extra IPv6 addresses are obtainable in /64blocks with a limit of five per customer, Global IPv6 addresses are obtainable as /64Blocks.

  • Private Network VPN

    HostRomeo’s Private Grid connectivity allows for factual out-of-band administration via distinct impartial third carriers over our SSL, PPTP or IPSEC VPN gateways.

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