About HostRomeo

Host Romeo's Heart-Hosting tale

Hostromeo.com has been commenced with a passion of love towards a moralized trade! Our trade ethics focus on what every customer would seek. HostRomeo does not have an extensive history steeped in, but we do have a legacy; we started in the year 2010. If having an old domain is purely enough to credit a company as being from an older hierarchy, then it's pointeless speak about ones heritage, isn't it? We are new but we aren't babies.

Futuristic Path

Our service related Operations are held at Pudukkottai, India and our datacenters are sited at Dallas and Houston, United States. Our vision is to provide the best service possible and the best performance by there is no downtime for any of our client's websites. We strongly believe in the integrity within our team which creates unsurpassed outcomes for us and therefore our clients. Everyday we are working on the evolutionary parts of our existing software and hardware.

It's not just filling with bucks instead hearts

We need our customers to be freed from exhaustion at any cost. We do not overload or dump our servers with too many websites; We create a comfortable area for our customers where they will never face a downtime, aided with a lot of space to make the most of. Our minimum utilization of a heart(Server) makes our customers fall in love with Romeo for an exchange of heavy marginal expenditure!

We hate redirections!

We hate redirections! We do not hire a marketing expert for a Sales team, and likewise our billers are not Aryabatta's successors. We only employ people who are skilled Linux Administrators. We want to ensure that each support agent can provide a remedy for whatever issue our clientele face! The latter points illustrate our intention of having our customer support within our campus, and not granting it to any other third party who balks at the word "LINUX".