Nineth Year Of HostRomeo!

9 Years Of!   Our quixotic support has been the axletree of HostRomeo’s 9 years of romantic jaunt. And throughout the journey the backpack has only earned testimonials of love but not a single bad review anywhere around the web or in the sayings!   Unleashing Cloud Love   As most of the times HostRomeo has deployed its ... Read More »

28th Jun 2019
Be ready for Romeo's Live-Seduction

Live-Seduction? Nothing big! It is Live-chat that is gonna allure... Live Chat has been our much important target for the last one year. It has been postponed for so many reasons, but this time for sure, Romeo will entice you all lively. This September you, our honorable customer will be gained with this service. Thus be geared-up for Romeo's ... Read More »

30th Jul 2017
HostRomeo's lovable customer support!

2010 June 30th is the day,, this domain just got stamped on the Registrar's directory and owned numerous web-hearts or can be termed web-servers and with that it seduced numbers of punters. Love is all about service to Romeo. It's a lusting feel that he has whenever a punter poke him and says, "How do I do this?", Romeo then ... Read More »

7th Mar 2013
Romeo's Birthday Party 2012 - Manele Bay, Hawaii

30 / 06/ 2012 Romeo's Birthday - Manele Bay, HawaiiChota Beem: Singha why don’t you just make the day, it’s your birthday…” at Singha the Romeo, who was so far refusing to enjoy the aura.Romeo: I guess this could be the only day at least I can stop being Romeo, look at them, Erotic!” Popeye: “Come on, they say you are ... Read More »

30th Jun 2012
Romeo's Birthday Party 2011

"Rocked" - you would have know what is certainly to be mentioned Rocking; if you would have attended the Paaaaaaaaaarty with Romeo. Did you notice guys? Stars weren't there on the sky on June 30 this year! Did you notice it? At least do you know where did all go? We aren't aware that starrers gets seduced such when they see Romeo on Live. Look ... Read More »

30th Jun 2011
Romeo's 'Shouldering' - Is a Sexy treat with fur chafing >>friend-making<<

Romeo's 'Shouldering' - Is a Sexy treat with fur chafing >>friend-making<< Though Romeo has been tiring with so many "Romeoic" activities this month he hasn't clogged a minute to just think about his ceoncern's progression. A highly secured payment gateway has been Romeo's significant objectives this month; hope we'll complete this ... Read More »

5th Sept 2010