9 Years Of HostRomeo.com!


Our quixotic support has been the axletree of HostRomeo’s 9 years of romantic jaunt. And throughout the journey the backpack has only earned testimonials of love but not a single bad review anywhere around the web or in the sayings!


Unleashing Cloud Love


As most of the times HostRomeo has deployed its vested interest in finding ways to provide its services at an affordable price, it was always waiting for it to happen with Cloud Hosting.


Cloud hosting has been in its exorbitant pricing all over the world. For all we know HostRomeo.com has been the cheapest seller of all other Cloud Webhosts today.


While cloud hosting is seem and indeed better than conventional web hosting methods in securing data and procuring sophistication, HostRomeo has now ventured without a second thought. Thus HostRomeo has entirely transformed all its services to Cloud Web hosting last month.


Yes, Romeo can hear you murmuring, ‘what about the present customers?’


Romeo’s love towards its existing customers is immeasurable as they are the ones who are already roosting in his heart. They were already transferred to cloud web hosting without any pricing change until their next renewal date.


Your websites are now hosted at leading-edge datacenters of the world sited at multiple locations in several continents in accordance with geographical requisites or the choices of the clients.


Hence the world of HostRomeo’s romantic love is spreading all over the globe. Let’s relish the love for everyone around us every second for 24/7 everyday.


Friday, June 28, 2019

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