What is a Parked Domain, how to create it and delete it?

What is a Parked Domain?:

A parked domain is almost like an Addon domain but it will not have different web pages. It will act like another gateway to the Primary Domain. For example:

hostromeo.com is your primary domain and you need hostjuliet.com to open the same webcontent that the primary domain shows, you can just add hostjuliet.com as your parked domain from your cpanel.

How to Add a Parked Domain?:

1.  In the cpanel select Parked Domains under Domains category.

2.  Fill the textbox with your domain name which you need park on top of your primary domain and click Add Domain button which is there in the right to it.

Now you may know how to create a Parked Domain.

How to remove a Parked Domain?:

1. In the Cpanel select Parked Domains. You can see the Parked Domains if you have created.

2. Then click the remove button which is under the Actions of the domain you need to delete.

The Parked-domain will be removed, if you have followed the fore-said steps.

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