Safe guarding your account from Hacking

Guarding your account from hackers is not a hard-hitting job, but when it is not done then you may have to face the problems for sure. The procedures that are to be followed are:


1.  Avoid setting simple passwords. Let take for for instance, never give guessable passwords like romeo2010 or hosthereromeo. Instead try to give a password in an alphanumeric mode, with capital letters and symbols with it.


2.  If you are not sure that your computer is harmed of Viruses, Key loggers and Trojans, it's better to remove it instantly as soon as possible.


3.  If your website is powered by Wordpress, Jhoomla, Drupal or others, try upgrading it whenever its higher version is released. It may have good features that can avoid spammers and hackers.


4.  In your file manager of Cpanel its better to avoid setting writable rights to the viewers, by which we mean setting 777. It's always better to give 644 for files and 755 for directories. This keeps your account safe. If you aren't clear what these rights, select the file manager icon from Files Category from Cpanel. Select the directory which you are in need to keep safer. Now you would be able to see the files of that directory, see the last option which is under the category Perms. The default status that will be given is 777. So now you need to change the mode that you want your viewers to have. To do this select the file and click on the Change Permissions Icon which will be on the above tab of the same page in that give whatever rights you need to select or you can directly click on the rights value textbox and edit it so easily. The best rights that has to be assigned is 644 or 755. These numbers denote nothing but the Read, Write and Execute rights of the viewers.


Thus when you follow these methods you will mostly be able to avoid hacking hurdles.


Note: If you want to know how you can create a strong password that anyone cannot hack, just click here.

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