How to Login to cPanel via HostRomeo's client area?

Sometimes it would be easier if you could access the Client Area and cPanel control panel from the same place isn't? And that is why this article is written.

We presume that you have logged into client area. If you are unaware of how to reach HostRomeo's Client Area then here is the link for it,

Okay now let's know how to log into cPanel via client area,

-  Once you are logged into HostRomeo's Client Area, you will see a blue menu bar having few menus at it.

-  Please click the second menu 'Services', which will drop down few options. In that please select 'My Services'.

-  That will open up a list of services you have bought with HostRomeo.

-  Now click the 'View Details' button of your web hosting service with us to open the cPanel control panel which you are trying to open from client area.

-  It will open a page that gives the information of the hosting account. Now you need to scroll down on that page. At the bottom you will see two buttons. In that please click 'Login to cPanel'. It will redirect to cPanel control panel of your hosting account without entering the credentials.

Now you know how simple it is to login to cPanel through clientarea.

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