Privacy Policy

Lastly Modified on April 23, 2021

Effective 30th, Jun – 2010 assures its responsibility to protect all data that is congregated from its customers. We have the right to use the data provided by you (the customer) when you utilize our services.

Our Commitment to Protecting your Data Privacy

This privacy policy notice is to clarify to our valuable customers and the visitors, when and where we would use their personal information.

Data Gathered

The information we collect from you may comprise of the following: Your name, Address, Telephone / Mobile number, Email – Id, Fax Number, The dates our services are provided, Form of Payment, Type of service provided, Payment amount, Date of payments, Domain name, Payment History, Credit Card number and any other Payment related information. Beyond this we may collect information from your cookies and other communication reports. We will pull together these when we provide our services. The information that is provided to us will be transferred through our highly secured servers and will never be disclosed to any third party, except to the credit card provider of the credit card that we are given by the customer.

Divulging information

As we said we will not disclose any of your personal information except for personal use. We will send newsletters or any other emails that explain our activities, services and growth, and we would do this to every customer but we allow you to opt out of such options. However we may disclose information on a whole that is provided by anonymous users to our affiliates, trustworthy third parties and potential collaborators, though we give a 100% assurance that the personal information that we provide them with will be safe as we have used caution to acquire such collaborations.

Data provided to other concerns or persons apart from

This privacy policy is only applicable to whatever information we obtain directly from our clients. This is nothing do with products and services bought from any other concern or any other person that falsely they them self claims to be part of

Information Updates:

Whatever the changes or whatever the request, customer information can be updated or removed respectively. This is handled by the billing department, thus contacting will help you to update or exclude your personal information.

Opting out

We will send Newsletters, Bills or Invoices and Mailings to our customers’ email addresses, which are collected during purchases. You always have a choice either to receive or not, thus you may unsubscribe from receiving any of our mail at anytime.

Gatherings from Cookies

We may use cookies from your internet browsers, which contain some tiny text files. This helps in remembering your login information, saving preferences and recognizing your account. However, if you do not want this to happen you may deactivate cookies saving on your browsers.

Obedience with Laws and Regulation Enforcement

We will cooperate with our Government Laws and Regulations to protect the ethnicity of the Society and our Business. Whenever we face trouble caused by any of our clients or people related to HostRomeo’s Business, we will disclose any information about them to any Government departments requiring our Sole Discretion. This will include who is allegedly involved or suspected. This will be done to protect our property and rights, to shield a third party’s property and rights, to safeguard the public or any single person or to stop an illegitimate activity.

Revisions to our Policies

Whenever we do any modifications to our privacy policies we make all possible steps to notify our customers. The changes that are done will be updated on this page; although we would also contact you via any notifications, we request that our customers read our privacy policy whenever you reach this page of our website.

Contact Us

Contact us via to explain all your doubts regarding our privacy policies. You can also clarify what information that we can gather from you. We are by your side to explain what it is and why it is!