Lastly Modified on April 23, 2022

Terms of Service


We will host your websites with your approval, consenting to conditions and terms that we have mentioned here. “You”, “Yours”, “Clients” and “Customers” are the words that signify the clients of, and “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Provider”, “”, “Romeo”, - also “Juliet” – all denote this concern

Your contents

Files, Contents and Webpage Files of yours that are being hosted by HostRomeo are categorized under your responsibility. You must always have a backup in your local computer. It is always recommended that you backup all your files, contents and webpage files. This is a must to safeguard your files whenever the server faces an unexpected crash or a server setback. At these times a third copy would make you a feel safe.


As we say on our website, we can help you transfer your website contents free of cost. However, as a universal fact, any webhosting company cannot assure you that they can transfer the entire contents and we do the same. Transfers are easy to perform, but if your previous webhosting providers intend to block the contents, there is no way for us to help you. Of course if there is no such issue we would love to complete the process in full, but yet again we would never assure you that we could move all of your files; parts could be missed out sometimes. No assurance can be given that within a particular time, a transfer would be completed. Thus, it could take a long time to complete a transfer. Note that transferring after the first 30 days from signing up will be charged, so it is better that you complete all your transfers within a month after signing up.

Right to Further Changes

We have the whole right for whatever revisions we make to our Terms of Service, and there is no need for us to notify anyone when we have done so.


Offers that we publicize either in the “Offers Juliet Page” or in any “Coupon generation sort of stuffs” will only reflect the first month after purchase and only for those clients signing up for the first time. Clients trying to abuse this coupon will never be encouraged to any extent and will be suspended or terminated, with no notification from our side to any abuser.

Client’s Responsibilities

1. Customers are the only responsible persons for the website content they have, the merit that it has or the website’s users or members. The uploaded substance of the website is wholly your responsibility.

2. The client has to provide any detail that is in demanded by Host Romeo; any sort of a delay in providing HostRomeo with such information would resuult in your service being postponed.

3. We insist that clients must be genuine while providing their personal information, credit card details and so on. If we find any of the details are false, your account will be suspended or terminated at once.

4. When the users change their contact details they are always requested to update their contact details as soon as possible. Customers must provide any such changed details via the Account Control panel or by contacting our Support Associates.

5. Never make your Host Romeo login information public; this may be misused by anyone. Host Romeo is not responsible for any billing dispute that happens in such situations. Such issues are not under our control, thus it is completely in your hands.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Cancellations before the 30th day after your account is setup are applicable when you open your account for the first time. This is not applicable when you are signing up with us for the second time, i.e. if you have already had an account which has been cancelled by us before and if you are once again signing up with us, the "30 day money back guarantee" refund is not valid. Also, money that is paid to us via wire transfers, checks, money orders and western union money transfers will not be refunded. Domain Registrations, Dedicated Server charges and Administrative fees will not come under this guarantee. Contact to claim your 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Reseller Client’s Duty

Reseller client must take care of their own clients. It is your duty to do so. If your clients contact us, we would just keep them on hold for you to proceed with them. It is never going to be our duty to handle out your client’s issues. We can help you, to any far and also we can assist you when you the reseller bring your client’s account issue in front of us. But not when your client directly contacts us.

Payment Policies & Mode

1. Your Hosting Account will not be activated until we receive the hosting fee.

2. If the required information while doing Sign up is left Incomplete or Incorrect or if it creates Uncertainty the duration of hosting account creation delays. It will be kept on hold until the proper information is gathered from the Client. The duration of such state would take around 3days.

3. When the client faces an expense or a late-fee due to non-payment because of Host Romeo, it is not our responsibility.

4. We accept both Indian Rupees & US Dollar Currency (via credit cards mostly). Direct payment to our bank account is also accepted. By signing up via your card you are allowing us to bill for whatever the demand is kept before us with it.

5. By signing up with us you are accepting to our recurring payment methods for renewal of hosting account with the domain and by renewing with us you accepting the same for further future terms of service and all the changes that are done in it.

6. If you cross the due-date not paying, your account will get suspended and further terminated if it is continuously not paid. After the suspension you will not be able to access your website & email accounts.

7. When a client crosses his due-date and suspension date the account will get terminated. From the date of suspension you will never get the files that have been hosted until that. The entire account’s files are deleted and it can never be retrieved.

8. Reactivation can be done when the client pays his entire overdue fee with all his renewal fees. By reactivating your account after such suspension will not be assured that you will regain your files that been hosted. It will be deleted more often.

9. If the customer try doing fraudulent activities during payment via credit cards or via all other electronic payment methods we have the whole right to file a case against him or her or the company pertinent to the signup on your relevant country.

10. By signing up every customer accepts that until or unless Romeo receives a cancellation notification the client consents to do payments in recurring basis according to the plan.

11. Domain registration renewal period will be reminded by Romeo is just for a courtesy. It is every customer’s duty to contact our sales team to renewal their domain in advance. Usually we insist you to renew the domains before 30days of its actual renewal date. Note we aren’t responsible for you missing the domain renewal process.

12. Host Romeo has its own right to increase the price of all its services without have to notify any customer. Either its monthly or annually, it reflects.

A Restriction to Shared hosting clients

You are never allowed to resell your hosting account, so to do such, you are encouraged to upgrade yourself as a reseller hosting provider.

99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee

Romeo swears its client that they will enjoy 99.9% of Server Uptime. And we are 100% responsible if the server speed dips, though we work hard for you, for you not to face such an issue. We know how worse it could spoil your image or your company’s brand. We will never let you down at any cause. But we are not responsible for a downtime caused by any single customer.

Over Usage

Every client is under a limitation according to the plans. Any customer who crosses their limitation by excess Usage of the space allotted or bandwidth transfer will be charged further, or suspended or even terminated by Host Romeo with its own discretion. This includes any service that is provided by Host Romeo.


By signing up with Host Romeo all the clients accept with us, for us to cache their website’s files. Such doings are not considered as a violation to customer’s website or to any other.

Client’s Copyright & Ownership

Clients must be vigilant to safeguard everything about their website contents. We are not responsibility for their copyrights or trade claims on LOGO/MASCOT/CONTENTS written and etcetera. This may be misused by abusers, so users have to bear all the responsibility upon their website and its entirety. Note Host Romeo is not responsible for any of the Copyrights, Trademarks and Ownership of the website.

SPAM Policy

We are lenience limitation is nil on certain stuffs, spammers can include them in it with a 100% certainty. Romeo’s tolerance level is -nothing- on spam lovers. When a client do such, their account will be suspended or terminated or stopped from certain services and we aren’t ought to notify anyone. By signing up with Host Romeo, every client from every plan is under these terms. According to Romeo Other than spamming Bulk E-mailing, Unsolicited E-mail, Safe lists & Purchased lists are all restricted by this term. Spam – sent via any means is not completely acceptable, this includes fax, email, instant messaging and etcetera. To remove the client from being black listed for sending spam, Host Romeo would charge with its sole discretion. Spam advertising is prohibited for all websites that are hosted by Romeo.

Cancellation Mode

When you want to cancel your account you will have to send a mail requesting cancellation form from us. Our support team will assist you in this. You must make sure that you get an automatic reply from us that confirms that we have received your mail. If not please send your mail again or you may call us immediately as soon as possible. This cancellation method has to be done within your next renewal period. And when you cross your due date you will be charged. Romeo allows its customer with a grace period of 10 days. And when customers even then forget to pay their renewal fee beyond their grace period they will be fined 10US Dollars. Until the customer pay their fee in proper they will not be allowed to access their website and after their grace period their website’s files will be completely deleted.


When you are opening your account for the first time with us, your cancellation only before the 30th day is applicable. And this is not applicable when you are signing up with us for the second time. That is if you have already had an account which had been cancelled by us before and if you are once again signing up with us, refunding for "30 days money back guarantee" is not valid. Also money that is paid via wire transfers, checks, money orders and western union money transfers are not refunded. Domain Registrations, Dedicated Server charges and Administrative fees will not come under this guarantee! Contact to claim upon 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!/p>